Our Team


Founded by Marielle Maheu and François Arbour in 1988, Maheu Arbour is also supported by the expertise of Raymond McIntyre, who joined the team in 1994. In addition to this core group, we call upon the varied skills of a network of partners, depending on the needs of each client.

Marielle Maheu

Marielle is the “keen ear”, the one who grasps the essence of an organization, event, product or service. Her skills allow her to reflect this essence in clear and vibrant concepts. Our clients are pleased and surprised to recognize themselves in such images. Marielle is our creative manager and art director.

François Arbour

François is the “eagle eye”, the one with a feel for detail and the expert in quality control. He oversees activities related to interactive and print production and manages all project stages making sure that the work is on schedule and on budget. The quality of his photographs is a major asset in the realization of projects. François maintains constant contact with clients as well as with other partners thus contributing to the successful completion of projects.

Raymond Mc Intyre

Raymond is the specialist in graphic art technology. An excellent designer, he’s a magician when it comes to image processing and retouching, and in giving you a preview of the final documents before they are printed.

Our partners are a solid team of specialists in marketing communication, web technology, illustration, copywriting and translation. Together, we provide you the right expertise at the right time, for the right result.